Apr 15, 2012

Growing in a community garden is more than just putting seeds into the ground and saying let's go! Rather this process involves the organization of a green-team and the composting expertise of avid gardeners. In the case of the High Street Veterans Community Garden,(HSVCG, the foreman, Micheal Gould and several Committee members organized a preparation day involving delivery of compost materials to the plots. Before any seeds is dispersed, the soil must be tested and evaluated for any lack of nutrients. In any case, it never hurts to add compost every year due to snow and salt damage to the plots that once flourished in your garden beds last year. The tools needed to make this process go smoothly would consist of wheelbarrow, cart, recyclable brown bags, shovels, towels, tarp, measuring yard stick and watering can. Step1, Deliver the compost to the plot area using wheelbarrow, buckets or carts to aid in the heavy lifting that is required to get near your space.
Step2, Using a yard stick measure the square footage of your plot and add 16 inches depth with the shovel.
Step3, Using the trowel, evenly spread the compost across the plot and mix the pre-existing soil up with the nutrient filled compost based soil.
Step4, Remember to have the water can handy to add moisture to the mixture and help the chemical reaction.

Jan 12, 2009

Competitive v's Creative

Creating means that, there is an abundant supply and economics
supply or demand doesn't affect the dynamics of your response
as a business owner. As an entrepreneur, you aren't concern with
the rivals or competition yet, you see them as your allies and not
foes. You are not ripping up your prices, and running sharp bargains.
You aren't making your product(s) to be worth much less than the
materials used in making it nor are you doing 2 for the price
slashing of 1, if it is not feasible to do so. Think of where
you are right now!

Competitive is the complete opposite of creative, consequently,
competition is expected in capitalist world or mindset of
imperialistic people. Competitive behavior is deadly, it doesn't
create, it destroys. It is a bittering tool to make one feel
superior at another's expense. It permeates scarcity and lack.
Did you ever feel competitive in high school or college even in
sports? Yes, we all have. We change our language, actions and
even associations to make this competitiveness become real.
The most important thing to know about competitive behavior
is that it does not grow the person spiritually nor
does it make them rich in the end.

Richness is never money, it is life and this is only apparent in
creative expression. So, be creative and see yourself becoming


Jan 7, 2009

Several Reason To Start A Business

Ok, so you are feeling grimmed by the economic woes, and
uncertaintyof the future. Or maybe you are just listening to
the news way too much in the world.Whether good or bad, great
ideas will stand the test of time as long as you believe
in your dreams and stick to it.

I have been an entrepreneur for 8 years and have been
mentored by Corporation CEO'S for 14 years of my professional
life. One thing that is consistent thoroughout bad times are
the "survival of the fittest". Never giving in to the hype
- I am after all a Marketing and Business Analyst.

Where are all my creative people- simply creating!
Where are all my skeptics, -simply being afraid.

Dare to Dream!